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  • Finding A Path Generation Bug In CMake

    How I Lost An Evening And Forgot What I Was Supposed To Be Doing

    Bug report for the impatient. Have you ever had one of those nights? You know the ones where you sit down to do the coding you really want to do. Not your day job stuff. No no, the good stuff. That side project you’ve been thinking about all week. You...
  • C++ Implicit Conversion to Boolean, A Love Letter

    When legacy rears its gnarly head.

    We’ve known each other a while. Oh how we danced together, laughed together, cried together. But I must confess some distress. Your dirty little secret is out.
  • C++ Template Deduction With Pointers

    I make mistakes with template deduction so you don't have too.

    C++ got me again recently. It’s easy to make a mistake with template deduction, especially when you confuse it with function overloads.
  • Bluetooth Sucks

    Meditation, frustration, and Bluetooth.

    It’s another weekday during COVID-19 quarantine. Day 50? 55? I lost count. To help keep myself sane I’ve taken up meditation. It’s good for my soul on rough days like this. I’m frustrated. Between the trains, birds, and my upstairs neighbour’s AC I snapped and couldn’t sleep last night. I...

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