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  • Multiple External HDMI Displays and/or a KVM Switch with a MacBook

    It's 2020, why is this so hard?

    This article covers how to attach two or more displays to a MacBook, specifically a MacBook Pro. Both directly connecting the MacBook to the external displays and using a KVM switch are covered. I’m a MacOS n00b. I’ve avoided it all my life. Now that I’m forced to use it...
  • Bluetooth Sucks

    Meditation, frustration, and Bluetooth.

    It’s another weekday during COVID-19 quarantine. Day 50? 55? I lost count. To help keep myself sane I’ve taken up meditation. It’s good for my soul on rough days like this. I’m frustrated. Between the trains, birds, and my upstairs neighbour’s AC I snapped and couldn’t sleep last night. I...

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