Each post is rated on how much technical knowledge I think is needed to get something from it. I write a range of posts targeted at various skill levels, so this will (hopefully) help you find what’s meaningful to you.

  • Level 0 - No technical knowledge is needed to understand the post. Jump in!

  • Level 1 - A novice level of technical knowledge is needed. If you know how to use a computer or the most basics of programming you'll be fine.

  • Level 2 - A moderate amount of technical knowledge is required. You know how to program, and it may help to have domain specific knowledge.

  • Level 3 - Diving deep. Domain specific knowledge is a must.

Each post has tags that you can use to see the subject matter. So a level 3 technical difficulty post with a tag means you need a strong background in C++ to understand the subject matter.

If you’re interested in the subject matter of a post, check it out regardless of level. I make a concerted effort to link to resources that explain the concepts at hand. It might require jumping back and forth between the references and the article, but the resources are there if you need them.

If I’ve missed something or you have questions please reach out! I’m happy to hear from you :).

I feel compelled to say that just because you fall into a higher level of technical knowledge on a subject doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy posts that don’t use your expertise!