• Systemd Default Working Directory

    For when you forget to configure WorkingDirectory

    The default working directory for a systemd service is relative to the root of the system running the service manager. This is likely /. The default working directory is used when WorkingDirectory= is not set in the service configuration file, *.service.
  • Pre-C++17 Alternative to C++ 17 Structured Binding: Unpacking

    Not everyone has C++17 available. std::tie unpacking is a limited pre-C++17 alternative.

    Structured binding, introduced in C++17, is the ability to decompose an object into its subobjects or elements and bind them to, for example, variables.
  • Create Share Links To Mobile Apps Like Whatsapp and Messenger

    Create share links on your website to Whatsapp and Messenger on mobile

    When sharing content on mobile people want to share with their peers over their favourite messaging app. These days that’s Whatsapp and Messenger. I’ll show you how to create links to Whatsapp and Messenger from your website and how to hide them on desktop where the apps aren’t available.
  • Easily Hide DOM Elements By Platform With CSS

    Hide website DOM elements depending on the user's platform (desktop, mobile) using only CSS

    Sometimes certain parts of a website only work on a certain platform. Mobile deep links are a good example of this; certain deep links can’t be handled on desktop. Use this CSS technique to hide Document Object Model (DOM) elements from the user based on whether they are on mobile...
  • Debugging Typescript tsc Builds

    Tips on how to debug tsc builds.

    Setting up or modifying Typescript builds can be finicky. Here’s a collection of Typescript compiler (tsc) commands that are useful for debugging.
  • Multiple External HDMI Displays and/or a KVM Switch with a MacBook

    It's 2020, this was much harder than it should have been

    This article covers how to attach two or more displays to a MacBook, specifically a MacBook Pro. Both directly connecting the MacBook to the external displays and using a KVM switch are covered. Due to some quirks with Apple hardware I had to go through a few setups myself before...

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